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Wind measurement with ultrasound as an evolution in the efficiency of wind power

The use of wind as a renewable energy source is a cornerstone of sustainable energy policy. A key component in fully exploiting the potential of wind power is the accurate measurement of wind conditions. Wind measurement using ultrasonic technology is at the heart of this. It represents a significant improvement over conventional methods. Advanced ultrasonic sensors not only increase the performance of wind turbines, but also maximize their efficiency and minimize their maintenance requirements.

Wind measurement with ultrasound brings significant benefits: Our transducers have been specially designed for use in wind turbines. Because of this it is possible to measure wind speed and direction with extreme precision. This enables better control of wind turbines, increases energy efficiency and maximizes energy yield.

We are a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic wind measurement and offer solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of the wind energy industry. Our customized ultrasonic sensors are specially designed to deliver reliable data even under the most difficult conditions. Regardless of whether extreme weather conditions or integration into existing system landscapes are involved.

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The basis of ultrasonic wind measurement

The precise recording of wind parameters is essential for the operation and optimization of wind turbines. Ultrasonic wind measurement systems are characterized by their precision and reliability. They are based on ultrasonic anemometers, which are characterized by two pairs of opposing ultrasonic sensors. These sensors measure the time it takes for ultrasonic signals – influenced by the wind – to travel from one sensor to the other. This enables the wind speed and direction to be determined precisely.

Thanks to their robustness and the fact that they require no moving parts, ultrasonic sensors are particularly low-maintenance. They are also equipped for use in extreme conditions: An integrated heating function ensures reliable measurement results even in icy temperatures. The wide angle of detection and the ability to deliver precise data even in strong winds and drifts are the hallmarks of our sensors.

The advantages of ultrasonic technology for wind measurements

The advantages of ultrasonic technology for wind measurement include:

  • High-precision detection: Ultrasonic systems enable precise and real-time measurement of wind direction and speed.
  • Without maintenance: As there are no moving parts, ultrasonic sensors are highly low-maintenance and reliable in the long term.
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions: The sensors for ultrasonic wind measurement are specially designed for use in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Flexible customization options: Our technology can be individually adapted to the conditions and requirements of your measurement task.
  • Sustainability: Ultrasonic sensors contribute to the environmental aims of the wind energy industry through their durability and efficiency.

SECO Sensor – Your partner for advanced ultrasonic wind measurement solutions

SECO Sensor sees itself as a committed partner in the field of renewable energies. With our specialized ultrasonic transducer solutions, we make a significant contribution to increasing the performance and efficiency of wind turbines. The future of wind energy is promising, and through constant innovation in ultrasonic technology, we are at the forefront of creating this future.

Let’s use the possibilities of ultrasonic wind measurement together to advance the wind energy industry.

Background: Anemometers as wind meters

The anemometer is an essential tool for the precise recording of wind parameters, especially the ultrasound-based variants. They are able to measure wind speed and wind direction with impressive accuracy via sensor or wind sensor. These devices play a central role in the assessment and analysis of wind patterns, providing continuous data that is essential for the optimal alignment and increased efficiency of wind turbines. The ability to capture both speed and wind direction provides a comprehensive insight into the behavior of wind flows. This is fundamental to the planning and operation of wind energy projects.

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