Ultrasonic sensors

29.02.2024 | general, Products

Win new market shares with ultrasonic sensors with premium transducers

Ultrasonic sensors have become indispensable in a wide range of industries, from automation technology to renewable energies and medical technology. These sensors enable precise measurements and object detection without physical contact. And they are particularly indispensable in process monitoring and safety testing. However, the transducers in these sensors, which convert sound waves into electrical signals, are crucial for their accuracy and reliability – even under extreme conditions.

Ultraschallsensoren mit Ultaschallwandlern









Basics and functionality of ultrasonic sensors

The technology behind ultrasonic sensors is based on the propagation and reflection of sound waves. These sensors are used in the monitoring of production processes, the condition monitoring of wind turbines and in non-invasive medical diagnostics. The effectiveness of the sensors depends heavily on the quality of the transducers, which form the basis for precise measurement results.

This is what matters: The importance of quality transducers for ultrasonic sensorsUltraschallsensoren Wellen-Darstellung vereinfacht

High quality transducers are critical to the performance of ultrasonic sensors in any industry. They ensure the accuracy, reliability and longevity of sensors, which is essential for optimizing operations and ensuring safety. SECO Sensor’s premium transducers are therefore specifically designed to perform reliably in demanding environments such as power generation or medical applications.

We work individually for you: The path to innovation and success

Thanks to our many years of expertise in industry-specific requirements, we are able to offer customized transducer solutions for your applications. Our individual approach enables us to respond directly to your challenges and needs. This significantly increases the efficiency and performance of your systems.

The close exchange with you supports the development

Close cooperation is always the key to our success – and above all that of our customers. This is because direct exchange results in the best solutions for individual requirements. This always increases our own wealth of experience, which we can put to optimum use for you.

Drive the evolution of ultrasonic sensors and transducers with us

Technological development is constantly advancing, and with it the possibilities for ultrasonic sensors and transducers. New materials and manufacturing techniques promise even more precise, efficient and robust sensors for a wide range of applications, from power generation to advanced medical devices. Work with us to develop cutting-edge solutions that will enable you to position yourself in the market in the best possible way. The future belongs to sensors and transducers in the age of automation!

The importance of choosing the right partner for ultrasonic sensors can be decisive for the market

SECO Sensor Zentrale CoburgChoosing a competent partner is crucial for success in any industry. Our experience, our commitment to quality and our ability to develop customized solutions make us the ideal partner for your company if you are looking for innovative and reliable ultrasonic sensor solutions.

With SECO premium sensor transducers, we are happy to support you in mastering your technical challenges – and setting new standards with your products. Simply give us a call on: +49 (0)9561 869141


General background information:

The principle of the sensor is based on detection via ultrasound, which is reflected by a surface. The sensor emits a sound packet and the surface material reflects the sound back to the sensor’s receiver. The frequency of the ultrasound and the angle at which the sound packet hits the surface influence how the signal is reflected. The housing plays an important role in the detection of objects by the sensor, as it protects the product from dirt and ensures that the reflected sound is detected accurately.