SC049 - Ultrasound in miniature

SC049 – Maximum performance at minimum size

With a component size of just 6 x 5 millimeters, we present our smallest ultrasonic transducer – the SC049 multi-use transducer. Its tiny outer diameter of just 6 millimeters makes it possible for the first time to combine an ultrasonic transducer with an M8 housing. This means that it fits into even the smallest assemblies. The SC049 typically operates in a range of 20 to 300 millimeters and thus closes the gap between capacitive sensors and the ultrasonic transducers from our range. The minimal blind zone makes it ideal for use over short measuring distances. Thanks to its excellent tuning, it also offers a very short settling and decay time, which enables high repetition rates. With its comparatively large beam width, it operates with a large detection range and works reliably even in drifts.


  • component size: 6 x 5 mm
  • typ. range: 20…300 mm
  • max. range: approx. 500 mm
  • operating frequency: 490 kHz
  • large beam width: approx. 12°
  • compatible with M8 housing
  • very short rise/decay time
  • high repetition rates
  • operating temperature: -15 … 70°C

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Customer enclosure
Uncomplicated installation or direct casting with perfect alignment in your individual assembly.
PU moulded part
Cost-effective and geometrically flexible due to potting in polyurethane cylinders.
Brass sleeve
Excellent EMC properties when installed in our solderable brass sleeve.
Casting with contour
Simple, geometrically flexible installation in assembly via potting in PU molded part with sealing lip.

Electrical contact

Coaxial strands
Shielded coaxial cables with excellent EMC properties – especially with long strands.
Teflon/PVC strands
Flexibly customizable, robust, cost-effective and twisted on request.
Extra shielding strand

Additional stranded wire on the conductive housing for separate electrical potential.

Additional equipment

EMC coating
Additional metallization of the matching material body for improved electromagnetic compatibility.
Front surface coating
Sealing of the front surface with scratch-resistant, dirt-repellent protective lacquer.

How to use the SC049…

...for miniaturized design?

A few millimeters in size allow integration into almost any assembly.

...for saving energy?

Lowest energy consumption thanks to the smallest piezoceramic oscillator.

...measuring with highspeed?

Short rise and decay times for fast measurements at high repetition rates.

Practical applications

Level measurement

Fast and contactless determination of fill levels even in small tubes.

Automation engineering

Distance measurement and presence monitoring in automated production lines.

Flow measurement

Wear-free transit time differential measurement for air and gases, e.g. also in medical technology.