Web edge control

Doppelbogenkontrolle im Druck

Web edge control via ultrasonic transducer:
Keeping efficiency “on track”

Wherever efficient processing of web-shaped materials is required, sensors for web edge control are indispensable. SECO Sensor manufactures high-quality ultrasonic transducers for this process. These are essential for the successful use of sensor technology in the area of web edge control in manufacturing companies.

So that nothing gets off track

A wide variety of materials are processed in the industry today in a web-like way from a roll. The most common materials are papers, thin sheets or, for example, transparent films. However, one thing is always important in industrial processing: that they – literally – stay on track. Deviations in the running of the web can lead to a loss of speed or even damage. And because time is a decisive factor in production, it must be possible to produce safely (the web must run on the track) and without losing time. Ultrasonic sensors are therefore used to ensure that the web stays on track – and that production runs smoothly.

Impulswandler für Ultraschall-Abstandsmessung in der Landwirtschaft

Sensor quality and technology are key

What is the best way to ensure that the lane is held? As a rule, it comes down to – at least – millimeter distances: High-quality sensors take over the control function for steering the track in its specified lane. If deviations occur here, a signal is sent immediately or a correction is made.

A “successful pair” facing each other in web edge control

The ultrasonic web edge control sensor is designed as a fork-shaped sensor. The two ends of the fork – top and bottom – each contain ultrasonic sensors that operate in transmitter-receiver mode. The ultrasonic transducers in the sensors transform the emitted and received sound signals into electrical signals. And their quality determines the “sense of touch” of the sensors – or the quality of the data to be processed. Ultimately, the transmission through the corresponding web material passing through the fork is typically measured. The difference in ultrasonic intensity provides the final measurement results.

Ultrasound beats
other sensor technologies

The special advantage of ultrasound here is the fast response time. High repetition rates and therefore reliable real-time monitoring of the web are possible thanks to short oscillation times. Our ultrasonic transducers are contactless, so they do not require any contact with the object. They are robust and durable, with no moving parts, and deliver precise data even in dusty, dirty, foggy or poor visibility conditions, such as darkness or reflective surfaces. For other measuring ranges, a larger number of ultrasonic transducers can be arranged in an array design.

Bahnkantensteuerung Lösungen von SECO

SECO Sensor manufactures high-quality transducers – individually

Now, not every production line is the same – and materials that deviate to a greater or lesser extent from the usual standards are also used on the line. And in general, the measurement results also determine the success of production lines. This is why high-quality sensor technology in the field of ultrasonic sensors is more in demand today than ever before. SECO Sensor works with customers to develop ultrasonic sensors that go beyond the norm. We specifically address the challenges that our customers face in order to tackle – and solve – problems in the field of sensor technology from the ground up. We also advise on bug-fixing when sensors do not work as they should. If required, we are happy to work with our customers to explore the challenges and, if necessary, develop new ultrasonic transducers that are better suited to the process.

Contact us to align your sensor technology – starting with the transducer – for the best possible functionality. We will gladly dedicate ourselves to your task in order to sustainably increase the efficiency of your web edge control or other areas in which ultrasonic sensors work in air or gaseous substances. With SECO Sensor, you can rely on a team with many years of experience!

We would also be pleased to inform you personally about SECO Sensor’s transducer technology, which makes web edge control absolutely reliable. Talk to us!

Thematic background to applications and requests:

You are of course welcome to send us your non-binding price inquiry. However, the ultrasonic sensor solutions we work on are usually 100 percent customized. This means that the price of the transducer is less important than the precise solution to the problem at hand. This in turn determines the price that our customers can demand from their customers. Please let us know about your specific measurement task. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the optimum web edge control with ultrasound based on details of your material, the size and properties of the web and its edge, and the requirements for your signal. Just get in touch with us.