Wind measurement for wind turbines

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Precision meets efficiency: individual ultrasonic transducers for optimized wind measurement on wind turbines

Wind energy is one of the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources available to mankind. But in order to exploit the full potential of wind turbines, precise and reliable wind measurement is essential. This is where our innovative ultrasonic transducers come into play. These advanced sensors provide an optimized wind measurement solution for wind turbines that not only increases their performance, but also improves their operational efficiency and ease of maintenance.

By using ultrasonic technology for wind measurement, we are relying on a method that has clear advantages over traditional mechanisms. SECO Sensor’s ultrasonic transducers, which are specifically designed for use in wind turbines, use the latest technology to accurately measure wind speed and direction. This enables more efficient adjustment and alignment of wind turbines, which ultimately leads to higher energy production.

As a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers, we are familiar with the specific challenges and requirements of the wind energy sector. That is why we offer individual transducer solutions that are specially tailored to the needs and demanding environmental conditions around a wind turbine. Whether it’s measuring in extreme weather or integrating into existing systems: Our customized ultrasonic transducers are the solution for reliable and maintenance-free wind measurement.

Test our anemometer transducers

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We will be happy to send you our anemometry sample box with 4 units of our proven SC031 without any obligation – and of course free of charge. Simply contact us, briefly describe who you are and what you do – and your sample box will be on its way to you.


Basics of ultrasonic wind measurement

Wind measurement plays a major role in the operational management of wind turbines. Accurate measurement of wind speed and direction makes it possible to optimally align the turbines and maximize their efficiency. This is where ultrasonic wind measurement comes in. This advanced technology offers a number of advantages over conventional methods.

  • How ultrasonic transducers in anemometers work
    An ultrasonic anemometer forms the heart of the wind measurement. It consists of two pairs of ultrasonic transducers that are offset by 90 degrees and arranged opposite each other. The transducers send and receive ultrasonic signals. The time it takes for a signal to travel from a transmitter to a receiver varies with the wind speed and direction.
  • Precise differential measurement
    By measuring the time difference between the transmitted and received signals, the speed and direction of the wind can be precisely determined. This method is not only fast and accurate, but also maintenance-free. The ultrasonic transducers require no moving parts, which makes them particularly durable and reliable.
  • Adaptation to extreme conditions
    It is important to know that wind turbines often have to operate under extreme weather conditions. To ensure reliable measurement even in cold climates, we equip our ultrasonic transducers with an optional heater. This adaptation ensures that the transducers deliver precise measurements even at temperatures below freezing. For harsh environmental conditions (e.g. high humidity, salty air or salt water, etc.), we seal the front surface of the transducers with a water and dirt-repellent protective coating on request.
  • Wide opening angle and strong signals
    Our ultrasonic transducers are designed to have a wide aperture angle. This enables them to transmit and receive measurable signals even at very high wind speeds (up to 330 km/h) and correspondingly strong drifts of the sound beam. The ability to provide reliable data under such conditions makes our transducers an indispensable component for wind measurement in wind turbines.

Advantages of ultrasonic wind measurement

The wind energy industry is constantly faced with the challenge of improving the efficiency and performance of wind turbines. A key component of this is the precise measurement of wind speed and direction. And ultrasonic technology offers an advanced solution for this. Below we outline the key benefits of this technology for wind measurement:

  • High precision and speed
    Ultrasonic wind measurement systems provide extremely accurate data on wind speed and direction. The technology uses the transit time difference of ultrasonic signals that are influenced by the wind. This method makes it possible to quickly record and analyze changes in wind patterns. This allows wind turbines to be controlled more efficiently.
  • Maintenance free
    A major advantage of ultrasonic technology is that it is maintenance free. Unlike mechanical anemometers, which require regular maintenance and calibration, ultrasonic transducers require no moving parts. This significantly reduces operating costs and increases the reliability of wind measurement over long periods of time.
  • Reliability under extreme conditions
    Our ultrasonic transducers are specially developed to function precisely even under extreme weather conditions at a location. The integration of a heater enables the transducers to provide reliable data even at temperatures below freezing. This is particularly important for wind turbines in cold climates where ice formation can affect measurement accuracy.
  • Customization
    Another advantage of ultrasonic technology is its adaptability. We offer individual system solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of wind turbines. Whether it’s integration into existing systems or the requirements of specific sites, SECO Sensor’s ultrasonic transducers can be “tailor-made” to deliver optimal wind measurement results.
  • Environmental friendliness
    Finally, ultrasonic wind measurement for wind turbines is an environmentally friendly option. As there are no moving parts to maintain, there is less material wear and tear and fewer waste products. This supports the sustainability goals of the wind energy industry.

SECO Sensor as a partner to the wind power industry

We see ourselves not simply as a supplier, but as a partner to our customers. From conception to implementation, we are on hand to ensure that our ultrasonic transducer solutions are perfectly matched to the needs of your wind turbine. Our aim is to use our technology and expertise to add measurable value to wind direction and strength.

Take a look into the future of wind measurement in wind turbines with us

Wind energy plays a central role in the global energy revolution. Maximizing the efficiency and performance of wind turbines is essential. Ultrasonic technology for wind measurement for wind turbines has proven to be a key factor in achieving these goals. Our customized ultrasonic transducer solutions are at the heart of this development.

The future of wind energy looks promising, and the continuous development of our ultrasonic transducers plays an important role in this progress. We are constantly working to improve our technology and adapt it to the changing needs of the industry. Our vision is to help drive wind measurement for wind turbines worldwide through innovation and partnership. Join us in taking on this important task!