Flow measurement

Doppelbogenkontrolle im Druck

Maintenance and calibration-free – flow measurement via ultrasound

Flow measurement typically works with two ultrasonic transducers in transmitter-receiver mode. The sound path is at a defined angle to the flow direction. The flow velocity and thus the volume flow of the gas can be calculated quickly and accurately from the difference in the sound propagation time. As ultrasonic flow measurement works without moving parts, the devices are absolutely wear-free and maintenance-free.

At the heart of every precise flow sensor system with two sensors, such as those used in ventilators or gas meters, is the ultrasonic transducer. It is its invisible but essential centerpiece. And so, as one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic transducers for flow sensors, we pay the highest attention to the quality of this component. The transducers are not only the link between the physical measurement and the digital world. They are also the key to reliable and accurate measurement with flow sensors.

Impulswandler für Ultraschall-Abstandsmessung in der Landwirtschaft

Why is the transducer so important for flow sensors?

1. Precision in measurement:

The transducer in a flow sensor transforms the physical flow rate of air or gases determined by ultrasound into electrical signals. This conversion must be extremely precise. This is because any deviation can affect the accuracy of the entire sensor system. Our transducer technology ensures almost perfect accuracy, which is essential for critical applications such as respirators.

2. Reliability over time:

The quality of our transducers promises not only unique accuracy, but also long-term reliability. Ultrasonic transducers have no moving parts, are maintenance-free and have a robust design. In addition, our transducers for flow sensors – like all ultrasonic transducers from SECO – undergo rigorous testing. This is how we ensure that they work reliably even under challenging conditions.

3. Double sensor configuration:

In flow sensors, which generally use an opposing sensor arrangement, the quality of each transducer is critical. An imbalance in the transducers can lead to incorrect measurements. That’s why our advanced transducers are precisely tuned and designed to work synchronously in such dual-sensor systems. This allows us to achieve maximum accuracy.

SECO Sensor is your partner for high-performance transducers in flow sensors

The following reasons clearly speak for our expertise in the field of transducers for sensors:

  • Industry-leading technology: At SECO Sensor, in addition to our proven expertise, we use the latest technologies and materials to give our transducers superior performance and durability.
  • Customized solutions: Every application is unique. We offer customized transducer solutions that we tailor specifically to your customer-specific requirements.
  • Focus on your satisfaction:Our aim is to supply fully customized solutions in addition to standard products. That is why we are always available for technical support and advice.

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We will be happy to advise you on topics such as measuring air or gases with flow sensors, transducers, precision, reliability and use in respirators. Flow meters use flow sensors to determine the dynamic flow of a gas with time resolution, for example in gas meters or medical (respiratory) devices. A flow sensor consists of two transducers mounted opposite each other on or in a pipe. The application is not primarily concerned with the temperature, but with the flow velocity, which is measured via sensors. Under products you will find the corresponding link to the individual transducers for the sensors for monitoring and flow measurement in industry or medicine. In addition to ultrasonic transducers for measuring air and gases, solutions for measuring the flow of liquids are also possible. Feel free to contact us on the subject of liquids! (Unlike in our text, the flow sensor can of course also be written together).