SC5X series: The next generation of multi-use transducers

Even more powerful thanks to a new design

The SC5X series presents our multi-use transducer in a re-engineered design and with even better performance. Multi-use transducers from Seco Sensor combine the comparatively long operating range of focused transducers with the fast repetition rate of pulsed transducers. This makes them universally applicable products that can be used to construct industrial sensors for a wide range of measuring tasks.

SC5X ultrasonic transducers are our next-generation multi-use transducers. Depending on their size, they operate in a range from 80 to 400 kHz and have the usual high echo voltage of single transducers. However, thanks to their optimized design, they have shorter rise and decay times and therefore enable higher repetition rates – for more efficiency in your production!

Ultrasonic transducers in our SC5X series:


Full power at 80 kHz.

  • frequency range: 80 kHz
  • typ. operating range: 700 … 5500 mm
  • diameter: 40 mm
  • installation depth: 16 mm
  • typ. beam width: max. 13°
  • operating temperature: -10…70°C


Perfect partner for PMUT.

  • frequency range: 175 kHz
  • typ. operating range: 100 …1000 mm
  • diameter: 23,7 mm
  • installation depth: 9,3 mm
  • typ. beam width: max. 12°
  • operating temperature: -15…70°C


Functional allround frequency.

  • frequency range: 205 kHz
  • typ. operating range: 100 … 800 mm
  • diameter:  14,3 mm
  • installation depth: 7,5 mm
  • typ. beam width: max. 12°
  • operating temperature: -15…70°C


  • frequency range: 240 kHz
  • typ. operating range:  100 … 750 mm
  • diameter: 15,3 mm
  • installation depth: 7,3 mm
  • typ. beam width: max. 13°
  • operating temperature: -15…70°C


  • frequency range: approx. 300 kHz



  • frequency range: approx. 400 kHz


The SC517 transducer was specially designed for use as a transmitter in combination with highly sensitive PMUTs as receivers. With the piezoelectric micromechanical ultrasonic transducers, e.g. from TDK, maximum ranges of several meters are possible. Please also read our article “SECO+PMUT for ranges up to 30 meters”.

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How can the SC5X…

...measure at high speed?

Short rise and decay times for fast measurements at high repetition rates.

...sound far away?

Long ranges thanks to high performance in a revised design.

...detect reliably?

Mounting in robust sheet metal shield increases resistance and EM compatibility.

Applications from the field

Level determination

Fast and contactless measurement of fill levels even in small containers.


Distance measurement and presence control in automated production lines.

Flow measurement

Maintenance-free time of flight measurement for air and gases, e.g. also in medical technology.

Why ultrasonic transducers from Seco Sensor?

Ultrasonic transducers from SECO Sensor can be used in combination with the medium air or gas for almost all industrial measuring tasks. Using the pulse-echo method, for example, they enable the contactless determination of distance, level or flow, as well as double sheet control and web edge control in transmitter-receiver mode. Particularly practical: no wearing parts are used and the sensors are therefore completely maintenance-free. We are happy to develop and manufacture exactly the ultrasonic transducer you need and adapt it to your specific measuring task and installation situation. Seco Sensor offers you numerous design options and additional equipment. Do you have a complicated or unusual measuring task or perhaps just an idea?

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Together with our ultrasonic professionals, we design the perfect SECO Sensor ultrasonic transducer for your special application.