Ultrasonic transducer “Made in Upper Franconia”

14.02.2024 | Company, Products

SECO Sensor attaches great importance to regional networking. That is why we are a member of the “Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technology” network in Bavaria. Our company is featured in the February issue of the monthly sensor technology magazine. Ultrasonic transducers “Made in Upper Franconia” is the motto of the article and also the credo of our work.

Get to know us and our ultrasonic transducers a little better in the original article in Sensorik Magazin:


SECO develops and manufactures the heart of the ultrasonic sensor

COBURG – The product portfolio of our new network member SECO Sensor Consult GmbH from Coburg is characterized by the highest quality “Made in Germany”, the use of locally sourced or in-house manufactured materials and precision handcrafting. With more than 25 years of experience, the company develops and manufactures ultrasonic transducers for applications in air and gases. Since 2004, production has also been carried out at the second site in Küps (district of Kronach). Precision and quality are our top priorities. In particular, the solution of complex measuring tasks and the realization of customer-specific small series distinguish SECO from the globally growing competition.

As the link between the sensor electronics and the measuring environment, the ultrasonic transducer is the heart of every ultrasonic sensor. SECO specializes in the use of ultrasound in air and gases. The portfolio includes three types of ultrasonic transducers: focused transducers with small aperture angles for large measuring distances, pulsed transducers for fast close-range measurements and multi-use transducers that combine both advantages. Ultrasound offers the possibility of contactless measurements as well as maintenance-free operation without moving parts and independent of environmental influences such as fog, dust or reflective surfaces. Depending on the size and nominal frequency, the transducers operate in a range from 80 to 500 kHz at ranges from one centimeter to six meters.

The precisely manufactured SC049 miniature transducer from SECO also proves that size is not a measure of functionality. It is significantly smaller than a 1-cent coin, but is capable of performing numerous measuring tasks in the range between two and 30 centimetres, especially in automation. “We develop an innovative solution for almost every measuring task,” says Managing Director Eugen Gergert. SECO thus gives its customers a decisive advantage on the global market.

Ultraschall Wandler

Ultrasonic transducer

Miniature transducer SC049 vs. SC008

“Individual support and intensive discussions with our customers are particularly important to us. From the initial idea to prototype construction and series production, we rely on a close exchange of ideas and qualified technical advice,” explains Stefan Schneider, Product Manager at SECO. The market for SECO has grown considerably in recent years, particularly in his specialist field of anemometry. Currently, the increased promotion of renewable energies is increasing the demand for anemometers for wind turbines and therefore also the number of new customers and innovative solutions required.

SECO has been producing ultrasonic transducers for anemometric applications for almost 15 years. Ultrasound enables the precise and reliable measurement of wind speed and wind direction. Two pairs of opposing ultrasonic transducers arranged at 90° to each other determine the wind data quickly and maintenance-free by means of exact differential measurement of the respective sound propagation times. The special feature of SECO: due to the wide opening angle, the robust transducers work reliably even at very high wind speeds of up to 90 m/s. “For offshore systems, we also equip the anemometer transducers with an optional scratch-resistant, water and dirt-repellent protective coating,” explains Stefan Schneider. This prevents the formation of droplets on the surface. An integrated heater significantly extends the operating temperature range, keeps the electro-acoustic parameters constant in the event of temperature fluctuations and prevents the front surface from icing up.

Environmental protection, sustainability and innovation – in focus since foundation

Environmental protection, sustainability and innovation – SECO founders and shareholders have always considered these aspects in their developments and products. The reliability of standard products is a contribution to a greener future. The use of renewable energies, comprehensive recycling and the responsible use of resources are among the core topics of SECO’s environmental protection policy. The company sites in Coburg and Küps are located in the middle of residential areas, so reliable purification of the used air is essential. “Our professional supply and exhaust air systems filter the air to the highest industrial standards,” says Bastian Büttner, Environmental Management Officer at SECO. In 2024, SECO’s environmental protection concept will be certified to ISO 14001 for the first time.

Focus on hydrogen and technical gases as trends

SECO always keeps an eye on developments in the sensor market, particularly the expected growth in the hydrogen and technical gases sector. The Upper Franconian company has a product in its portfolio for applications in high-pressure environments and with aggressive media: Pulse transducers on a special glass feedthrough that meets the highest tightness requirements. Ultrasonic transducers from SECO do not have a sensitive diaphragm. They work reliably even at high pressures as long as they are evenly surrounded by pressure. The materials used and the contacting allow them to be used in aggressive gas atmospheres.

Ultraschall Wandler auf Glasdurchführung

Ultrasonic transducer on glass-feedthrough

Transducer on glass feed-through

SECO is also known for its expertise in the field of materials science. The matching material, which couples the vibrations of the piezo ceramic into gaseous media, is produced by SECO itself according to its own proven formulations. This, as well as the potting compounds with which the actual transducer is decoupled from the housing and damped, can be adapted depending on the area of application, customer requirements and measuring task. In-house cable manufacturing gives SECO a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of contacting options. Coaxial as well as Teflon and PVC cables in standard lengths and thicknesses are processed on site and prepared for production. “Our direct access to the production process allows us to carry out close checks and guarantees consistently high quality,” says Eugen Gergert.

Working at SECO: “I just feel good.”

Technical experience and know-how in the field of materials science are just one chapter in SECO’s success story. Above all, however, it is the people who make SECO so special. The SECO family has been working together to satisfy customers for more than 25 years. “I go to work every day and look forward to seeing my colleagues,” says Melanie Bittruf. More than 25 years ago, she was the first employee to move from a large electronics group to the newly founded company SECO. “I just feel at home.” She hasn’t regretted changing employer for a second since then. SECO lives its compliance philosophy by placing a strong focus on long-term corporate strategy, employee-oriented management and environmental protection.

SECO Coburg

The company is committed to the “ZVEI Code of Conduct”, which has constitutional status internally and serves as a guideline for all corporate activities. At the same time, SECO is responding to the increasing importance of digitalization, realigning its IT structure and ERP system and expanding the areas of online marketing and sales. “In addition to an increased presence on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, networking and establishing contacts via LinkedIn and communication via online channels will dominate in the coming years,” expects Lisa Loidolt, responsible for marketing. However, traditional trade fair visits, personal customer appointments and technical workshops are also important for acquiring new customers and maintaining existing ones..

Despite the turbulent economic situation, SECO is planning new innovations, growth and the conquest of new markets and industrial sectors in the coming years. “We are focusing in particular on the topic of automation and the further expansion of our machine-supported manual work,” says Eugen Gergert, providing an outlook.

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