We love recycling

07.10.2021 | Environmental protection

For the production of our ultrasonic transducers we need a number of different chemicals and precious metals. At the same time, the topic of sustainability and environmental protection is close to our hearts. Therefore, we pay special attention to the quantities and paths of our waste. Wherever possible, we strive to keep our waste quantities as low as possible. The disposal routes of our waste are clearly specified and careful waste separation is strictly controlled.

In particular, we take the responsible disposal of chemicals very seriously. Toxic and non-toxic substances are separated directly where they occur. We use a system of color-separated waste garbage cans to ensure that no harmful substances end up in “normal” household waste. We store liquid chemicals in safety cans and above special drip pans so that contact with groundwater is impossible. At periodic intervals, we have our hazardous waste professionally disposed of by a certified company.

For some products we also require small quantities of precious metals, such as gold, silver, copper and tin. As far as possible, we select suppliers of these raw materials according to our own compliance requirements. We stand behind a ban on child and forced labor and support fair and equitable working conditions. We collect any residues of these raw materials (including minimal quantities) and recycle them via competent specialist companies.

By using limited raw materials responsibly and disposing of hazardous substances in the best possible way, we too are making a small contribution to a greener and more sustainable future.