Know-how – our strengths

Our material

Our aim is to build high-quality, durable and robust ultrasonic transducers with excellent electroacoustic properties. We pay special attention to the four main components: piezo disc, matching material, potting compound and stranded wire. We manufacture our own material for this or obtain it from reliable suppliers with the highest quality standards.

This is how we ensure that our customer receives only the best products – with every ultrasonic transducer that leaves our premises.

Piezo disc

We source our piezoceramic transducers from selected suppliers with above-average quality standards. Our main supplier PI Ceramic manufactures a material specially specified for us. This material is characterised by high efficiency and minimal geometric and electrical tolerances.

Matching material

We produce our matching material in-house according to our own tried and tested recipes. To achieve the best possible results, we use a particularly light, pressure-resistant epoxy filled with hollow glass spheres, which is subject to only minimal variations compared to products from external suppliers.

Potting compound

Potting with our self-formulated, soft-elastic polyurethane foams gives your transducer both its mechanical stability and excellent structure-borne sound suppression – especially when cold. Through customised potting compound recipes, we achieve optimal acoustic parameters, adapted to your needs.

Stranded wire

We predominantly assemble our coaxial, Teflon and PVC stranded wires ourselves. In this way, we ensure the highest quality and implement customer-specific adaptations quickly and easily. This means that short delivery times are possible even for special dimensions. Our direct access to the production process allows us to carry out close-meshed checks and ensure consistently high strand quality, e.g. also in accordance with IPC-A-610, Class 3.

Our employees

At our company, employees are more than just an anonymous cog. Our corporate culture is characterised by flat hierarchies and open, respectful communication. Together we manufacture ultrasonic transducers of outstanding quality. Your satisfaction is our aspiration – that’s what we work on every day.


Customer-oriented support

From the very beginning we have been one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic transducers for applications in air and gases. Individual support for our customers is particularly important to us. For us, this means working closely with you and implementing your wishes even better than expected.

We achieve this goal through constructive communication with you from the initial idea to series production. Our experts are always available to answer technical questions. We are also happy to customise your transducer according to your ideas. As we consider the solution of complex issues a welcome challenge, we are also happy to develop and support special solutions for smaller quantities.

Qualified experts

Our product managers are excellently trained engineers and scientists and are responsible for one or more product groups in their entirety. Their new or customer-specific ultrasonic transducers, the construction of prototypes, responsibility for series production and, of course, communication with you as the customer. Both for individual customisation requests and for questions or problems with already purchased SECO transducers, our experts are there to help you in word and deed.


Our high-quality ultrasonic transducers are precision handcrafted by highly motivated employees. Our colleagues in transducer production are part of a team of professionals in a specialised area of the technology industry. They are characterised by a sure eye, a steady hand and careful, independent work. We particularly appreciate their sure instinct and their pronounced quality awareness.

Our specifications for production are high process stability and tightly toleranced parameters. A one hundred percent final inspection is carried out on each of our products. In this way, we ensure that every ultrasonic transducer that leaves our premises reliably meets all customer specifications and our own quality standards.

Our effective ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system also helps to ensure our quality standards.