Applications for our ultrasonic transducers


Precisely measure wind speed and direction – even in stormy times.

A typical anemometer consists of two pairs of opposing ultrasonic transducers arranged at 90° to each other. By means of an exact differential measurement of the respective sound travel times, the speed and direction of the wind can be determined quickly, precisely and maintenance-free. For a reliable measurement in cold measuring environments, we are happy to equip the ultrasonic transducers with a suitable heater.

Transducer requirements:

  • wide opening angle for a strong signal even at high wind speeds
  • reliable measurement below freezing point
  • precise, robust and maintenance-free 

Application examples: Wind turbines, weather stations, smart-home applications

Typical transducers: SC029, SC031, SC042

Flow measurement:

Maintenance and calibration-free – exact flow measurement via ultrasound 

The flow measurement typically works with two ultrasonic transducers in transmitter- receiver mode. The sound path is at a defined angle to the direction of flow. From the difference in sound travel time, the flow velocity and thus the volume flow of the gas can be calculated quickly and accurately. Since ultrasonic flow measurement works without moving parts, the devices are absolutely wear- and maintenance-free.

Transducer requirements:

  • high repetition rates thanks to fast transient response
  • small design ensures largely undisturbed flow conditions
  • maintenance-free thanks to no moving parts

Application examples: Gas meters, spirometry, O2/CO2 sensors

Typical transducers: SC125, SC135, SC150

Distance measurement:

Close or far away? – Reliably detect distances

In distance measurement, ultrasonic transducers work in pulse-echo mode or transmitter-receiver mode. The distance between the transducer and the object is calculated from the propagation time of the signal. For long ranges, we recommend our focused ultrasonic transducers. Thanks to the high signal voltage and narrow detection range, you get reliable measurement values even at several metres. For measurements without a blind zone at close range, choose our pulsed transducers.

Transducer requirements:

  • high signal voltage and narrow sound lobe for long ranges
  • Close-range transducer for measurement without blind zone

Application examples: Automation, agriculture, olive harvesters, tar machines

Typical transducers: SC007, SC008, SC010, SC012, SC020, SC023, SC029, SC030, SC031, SC040, SC050, SC135

Level measurement:

Half full or half empty? – Measure fill levels precisely and contactlessly. 

For continuous monitoring of the fill level in a container, an ultrasonic transducer operates using the pulse-echo method. The distance between the sensor and the level surface is calculated from the running time of the signal and the known speed of sound. For an exact measurement with a long range, we recommend our focused transducers. Thanks to the small opening angle, measurement in small vessels is also possible reliably.

Transducer requirements:

  • high signal voltage and narrow sound lobe
  • reliable function even when wetted
  • chemically resistant

Application examples: Level measurement from above on liquids and bulk solids, Level measurement in small vessels (e.g. pipettes)

Typical transducers: SC008, SC012, SC020, SC023, SC030, SC040, SC050, SC150

Double sheet control:

Everything simple? – Recognise double arches quickly and easily

In double sheet detection, two opposing ultrasonic transducers typically operate in transmitter-receiver mode. Based on the intensity of the transmitted signal, double or multiple layers are detected. For a measurement without crosstalk, we recommend arranging our ultrasonic transducers in the array design.

Transducer requirements:

  • high signal voltage for transmission measurement
  • low crosstalk thanks to array design and narrow opening angle
  • very fast measurements thanks to high repetition rate

Application examples: Offset printing, ATMs, desktop scanners, label recognition

Typical transducers: SC023, SC040, SC050, SC125, SC135, SC150

Web edge control:

Everything on track thanks to real-time web edge monitoring

In web edge control, two ultrasonic transducers are usually arranged opposite each other in a measuring fork. These operate in transmitter-receiver mode. The web material is inserted into the fork and is located in the sound path between the transmitter and receiver. Depending on the position of the web, the sound path is covered to varying degrees. Based on the intensity of the received signal, the position of the web edge is monitored in real time.

Transducer requirements:

  • Narrow opening angle for precise measurement
  • Real-time measurement thanks to high repetition rate
  • Wide measuring range due to transducer arrays

Application examples: Newspaper printing, paper industry, textile production

Typical transducers: SC023, SC031, SC125, SC135

Perfect your sensor technology …

… with our premium ultrasonic transducers

In the world of modern sensor technology, the quality of the components plays a key role in the efficiency and precision of your measuring devices. SECO-Sensor is a leader in the development and manufacture of first-class ultrasonic transducers. Our ultrasonic transducers are not only a central component of your sensor technology, they are the heart that ensures the accuracy and reliability of your measurements.

What makes our ultrasonic transducers so unique?

It starts with our unique concept, which includes specially developed and in-house produced acoustic matching materials and high-quality inserts. These innovative materials enable fine, individual tuning of the electro-acoustic properties of the transducer and ensure optimum sound transmission. This guarantees a high degree of precision in the measurement results.

Advanced ceramics for the highest quality

Another key to the outstanding quality of our ultrasonic transducers is the use of premium PZT ceramics (piezoelectric materials). These advanced ceramics, made from a material specified specifically for SECO, are crucial to the effectiveness of the ultrasonic transducers, as they have high quality and low fluctuations. This means that sensors with our transducers work reliably and accurately in even the most demanding applications, such as industrial process control or medical diagnostic equipment.

SECO offers suitable ultrasonic transducers for numerous industrial applications. Take a look at our product finder.

Ultraschallwandler Sortiment

A combination of material and experience

Our expertise is not limited to materials. We have years of experience in the development and series production of ultrasonic transducers. This know-how enables us to offer customized solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need ultrasonic transducers for distance measurement, flow measurement, wind turbines or for more complex imaging systems, we have the experience and technology to meet your requirements.

Our customers know that the quality of the ultrasonic transducer is essential to the overall quality of their sensors. With SECO-Sensor’s ultrasonic transducers, you can be sure that your sensors will deliver reliable and accurate results even under extreme conditions or more challenging installation situations.

Contact us to optimize your ultrasonic sensor technology

As a company looking for high-quality sensor technology with ultrasonic transducers, we would like to invite you to contact us. Discover how our ultrasonic transducers can perfect your measurement and sensor technology. At SECO Sensor, we develop and produce individually for each product into which our transducers are integrated. Based on our many years of experience, we have been able to provide many customers with advice and support, even with unusual questions about their sensor technology.

Contact us today to find out more about our ultrasonic transducers and customized solutions. Let’s set new standards in ultrasonic sensor technology together with high-quality ultrasonic transducers!

Thematic background on ultrasonic transducers:

In Germany, the development of ultrasonic transducers, especially for industrial ultrasonic transducer applications, has seen significant progress. On their website, leading technology companies showcase their latest ultrasonic transducers, which operate in various kHz ranges and are suitable for a variety of measurement distances. The technology behind these single piezoelectric transducers provides precise and efficient transmission of ultrasonic waves. By using or connecting individual ultrasonic transducers in complex systems, companies can increase the efficiency of their processes while improving operational reliability. Are keywords such as operating temperature, medium temperature, electro-acoustic tolerances, measurements in a wide range of pipe sizes and the topics of sustainability, environmental protection and energy also relevant to you? Then get in touch with us!