Design options

One of our strengths is our flexibility. Due to the in-house production of matching material, strands and potting compound, we have the possibility to configure our transducers flexibly and extensively according to your customer requirements. We can adapt each of our standard transducers with different housings, a wide variety of electrical contacts and optional additional equipment precisely to your individual requirements and environmental conditions.

Talk to us! Together we will create the perfect transducer for your application.


Choose from a wide range of installation variants. We also gladly assemble the transducer in your customised housing.

Customer enclosure

You already have a housing and are looking for the right transducer? We would be happy to mount or encapsulate it in your customised housing or small assemblies.

Sheet metal screen

Our tin-plated sheet metal screen provides a robust enclosure with excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

PU moulded part

Encapsulation without a housing? Geometrically flexible and cost-effective, we install your transducer in a cylindrical moulded part made of our own formulated polyurethane foam.

Brass sleeve

A cost-effective installation variant with nevertheless very good EMC properties is offered by mounting in our solderable brass sleeve.


The juxtaposition of transducers in rows or arrays enables close-meshed scanning of surfaces and a wide scanning range without mechanical tracking.

Casting with contour

We also cast your transducer in a PU moulding with a sealing lip. This enables simple, geometrically flexible mounting in your assembly.

Electrical contact

For contacting your transducer, we offer the right solution for every application. We assemble our strands ourselves. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality and implement customer-specific adaptations quickly and easily.

Coaxial strands

For excellent electromagnetic compatibility, choose our shielded coaxial strands. These are also the first choice when particularly long stranded wires are required.

Teflon/PVC strands

We assemble our resistant Teflon or PVC strands according to your geometric specifications in the sizes AWG34, 32 and 30. For high electromagnetic compatibility, we use the shortest possible strands and twist them as standard.

Extra shielding strand

Do your electronics require a separate electrical potential for the enclosure? In this case we contact the conductive enclosure, e.g. with an extra stranded wire.


For easy mounting on a PCB, order your transducer with pins in the typical 5 mm pitch.

Solder pads

For contacting your transducer directly via the PCB, choose solder pads. These enable uncomplicated mounting in an electronic assembly.

Crimping plug

On request we will be happy to contact your transducers with crimping plugs.

Additional equipment

Further equipment options are available on request.

EMC coating

The metallisation of our matching material body improves the electromagnetic compatibility of your transducer.


By installing an integrated heater, your transducer retains its usual acoustic properties even at temperatures well below freezing.

Front surface coating

For heavy-duty environments, we seal the front surface of your transducer, e.g. with our dirt-repellent, scratch-resistant protective lacquer.