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We develop and manufacture ultrasonic transducers in a specialised field of sensor technology. This requires excellently trained, motivated employees who work hand in hand with a team of technically experienced engineers. In addition to the production of first-class transducers for our customers, new developments and close communication with the customer, an open, family-like corporate culture and a sustainable approach to our environment are important to us.

We live these guiding principles in our daily work.

Principle 1: "Precision & Innovation“

We live and breathe precision – from development and series production to final inspection. We focus on high process stability and tightly toleranced parameters. Our highly motivated employees manufacture our ultrasonic transducers in outstanding quality. A one hundred percent final inspection is then carried out on each of our products. In this way, we ensure that every ultrasonic transducer that leaves our premises fully meets all customer specifications and our own quality standards.

For us, innovation means being one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic transducers on the market. Our customers use our products for diverse and complex applications. In addition to our standard transducers, we primarily manufacture individual, customer- specific products. For almost any measuring task, our experts will develop an appropriate solution with you. We are happy to take on the pioneering role and dedicate ourselves to the development of new technologies.

Principle 2: "Inspiration & Customer Proximity

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous advantages and diverse areas of application that ultrasonic technology offers you. We regard novel measurement tasks and complex issues as an enriching challenge that often leads to the development of promising, future-oriented products. We are also happy to take care of technically demanding special solutions. 

For us, customer proximity means responding to your individual needs through constructive communication and an intensive exchange of ideas with you. Our aim is to react flexibly and quickly to our customers’ wishes. In close cooperation with you, we manufacture high-quality and competitive solutions that contribute decisively to your advantage on the world market.

Principle 3: "Sustainability & Future“

Sustainability and the future are a core theme of our work. Our goal is to keep our reliable and motivated employees in the company for the long term. The well-being of our committed colleagues is just as important to us as the compatibility of family and career. In addition to a flexible flexitime model and performance-related pay with profit sharing, we offer comprehensive company health management. 

The conservation of resources and the sustainable use of renewable energy technology are also particularly important to us. For example, we cover a considerable part of our electrical energy needs at both production sites with photovoltaic systems. In addition, we use gas heat pumps for cooling and heating. Our company buildings comply with the requirements of the current Energy Saving Ordinance and thus make a direct contribution to environmental protection.

Our Locations


Since the company was founded in October 1996, we have been based in the Coburg Technology Centre – initially as a subtenant, and in recent years as the main tenant. As our success grew, so did our need for space. So at the beginning of 2014, we moved with our team of employees into a core-renovated industrial building. The new premises with a total area of 2000 m2 were specially tailored to our organisational and technical requirements.


Since the beginning of 2004, SECO Sensor Consult has been operating a second production facility in Küps (Kronach district). In spring 2013, we opened our new production hall there with over 900 m2 of floor space. The concept of the new building, which was designed in a modern, light-flooded style, was designed by architect Harald Eichhorn.

Our compliance philosophy

For sustainable and fair corporate governance, SECO lives a comprehensively designed compliance philosophy. We ensure legally and organizationally that our company reliably complies with all laws, standards and internal rules of conduct that affect us. We have summarized our principles in our Compliance Management Manual. We also follow the recommendations of the ZVEI Code of Conduct, which has constitutional status within SECO. Thus, all entrepreneurial activities are aligned with it.

We attach particular importance to a long-term corporate strategy, employee-oriented management, constantly work on the further development of our technology and pay attention to the protection of our environment. We practice the principles of a prudent businessman, clean business practices, fair competition and have clear rules against corruption and bribery. Adherence to these compliance principles is ensured by a specially established compliance staff unit, as well as an internal control system and annual training for all employees.

At SECO, human rights and the health of our employees are among our top priorities. We respect data protection and keep personal data locked. Extensive personal protective equipment is available to our colleagues in their daily work. Our production facilities are equipped with modern exhaust air systems and we conduct regular health and safety training. It goes without saying that our company has a zero tolerance policy towards physical, psychological, sexual, verbal harassment and abuse, as well as the right to freedom of association, assembly and expression.

In order to meet this requirement, SECO has established a whistleblower system. Employees, business partners and third parties can use this system to report irregular behavior at any time. Please report information by e-mail to, by telephone to our head office on +499561/869-141 or by letter.

Of course, external electronic reporting via the Federal Office of Justice is also possible.

Any information received will be treated confidentially. Every report is documented in the internal system and reliably processed according to a predefined procedure. The whistleblower does not have to expect any reprisals or disadvantages in their future working life. Personal data collected as part of a report will only be used for processing the compliance case.

SECO supports fair and equitable working conditions wherever possible. We stand behind a ban on all child and forced labor, which we seek to enforce through our supplier selection process. We pay our employees equally regardless of gender, respect working hours, breaks and vacation days, and provide an additional free 15-minute breakfast break every day.