The SC049 – Our smallest

06.07.2021 | innovations, Products

With a component size of only 6 x 5 millimeters, we present our smallest ultrasonic transducer – the SC049 single transducer. Its minimal outer diameter of only 6 millimeters makes it possible for the first time to combine an ultrasonic transducer with an M8 housing. This gives you a product that can find a place even in the smallest assemblies.

The SC049 typically operates in a range of 20 to 300 millimeters, closing the gap between capacitive sensors and the ultrasonic transducers in our range. The minimal blind zone makes it ideal for use over short measurement distances.

Due to its small component size and excellent tuning, the SC049 also excels with a very short settling and decay time, which enables high repetition rates. With its comparatively large aperture angle, it operates with a large detection range and functions reliably even in the presence of drifts.

Of course, the standard design can also be offered here with different contacting, a water-repellent front surface coating or with your customized housing.

​Convince yourself …

​… because sometimes size does matter