SC017 – perfect partner for PMUT

04.09.2023 | innovations, Products

Perfect for combination with high-sensitivity PMUTs: our new, high-performance 175 kHz mulit-use transducer SC017.

After revision of the matching material design, the SC017 is mainly characterized by a strong echo signal and excellent performance in a working range between 0.1 and 1 meter. In addition to its comparatively long range, solid sheet metal shielding design and cost-effective construction, the SC017 is ideally suited for use with a PMUT. PMUTs (piezoelectric micromechanical ultrasonic transducers), which have been available on the world market for several years, are – compared to other ultrasonic sensors – weak transmitters but highly sensitive receivers. Thus, the idea for a combined ultrasonic sensor system was born: the SECO ultrasonic transducer SC017 as transmitter together with a highly sensitive PMUT as receiver.

Please also read the article “SECO+PMUT for ranges up to 30 meters“.

We would be happy to customize our SC017 to your specific application.