Tom-Trans Ultraschallswandler (ultraschallwandler-tom-trans.jpg)

TOM-TRANS - a new type of transducer with a lot of potential

For applications in aggressive environments we have - in our opinion - developed a novel transducer fitted with a membrane that oscillates like in a bending transducer, but whose piezoceramic drive is not bonded to the membrane.

The construction employed utilises the ability of piezoceramic materials to exercise high forces with a small lift. The separation of piezoceramic material and membrane dispenses with the need for bonding of piezo disc and membrane as found on conventional bending transducers. If corresponding casing material is employed, the freely oscillating membrane achieves a high degree of effectiveness and, for membrane oscillators, comparably high frequencies and thus a concentrated noise beam.

We find particularly promising the utilisation of glass ceramic material with a good chemical resistance for the oscillator, or for particularly heavy duty tasks hard ceramics such as, for example, aluminium oxide. Such transducers are above all predestined for applications in chemically aggressive media or those subject to pressure.
(Date of first publication 20.09.2007)

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