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New 300 kHz transducer with significantly increased signal strength

To meet the customers requirements for a 300 kHz transducer for long range measurements with low geometric dimension at the same time, we present the new SC031 and SC031.F transducers.

Compared to the equally sized 300kHz transducer SC029, the SC031 features a three times stronger echo signal coupled with a large aperture angle.
For applications requiring additional signal strength, the SC031.F is ideal. In direct comparison to the SC031 it has 30% more signal strength, while the geometric dimension remains the same. Among other things, this is possible by a reduction of the opening angle to a level that is appropriate for most customer applications.

comparison SC029 with SC031 (comparison_029_031_english.jpg)

​As a standard feature, the new transducers are offered in a metal housing with solder pins, which is characterized by a high EM compatibility.
The housing also allows further processing via THT mounting - another customer advantage of this housing type.

Furthermore our unique foaming compound also makes it possible to integratethe transducer in your customer-specific housing. This enables us to adapt the transducer to the individual requirements of your application ideally.

comparison  SC031 with other competitors (comparison_031_competitor.jpg)

​Through this concept of own acoustic fitting material and foaming compound, as well as high-quality PZT ceramics in combination with an experienced development and serial production, we will meet your quality requirements.

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