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Thank you for taking the time to test our ultrasonic transducers.

In front of you, you see four pieces of our SC031 – our ultrasonic transducer perfectly suited for measurement tasks in anemometry.

Read here:

... what characterizes our anemometry transducer.

The SC031 ultrasonic transducer combines

  • sophisticated electroacoustic tuning
  • slim design with 10 mm diameter
  • cost effective design
  • wide beam width of approx. 16
  • reliable measurement even in drifts & high winds

Also interesting:

  • resonance frequency 305 kHz
  • strong, clearly defined signal
  • short oscillation at the same time
  • high repetition rates realizable

For more info browse the datasheet!

... how to start your samples quickly and easily.

For the installation in your anemometer we recommend:

  • Arrangement of the 4 ultrasonic transducers for 4 cardinal directions
  • in pairs opposite each other, 90° offset to each other
  • Transmitter-receiver operation
  • classical transit time measurement
  • sinus burst stimulation

Everything else just try it out. Have fun! 🙂

Nice to know:

  • Temperature application range without heating: -15°C … + 70°C
  • Maximum voltage: 150 Vpp
  • Temperature range extendable with heater
  • Protection against water and dirt with lacquer coating

Do you need further tips or do you have a detailed technical question?

Our ultrasonic professionals will be glad to help you!

... which customizations are possible.

We are pleased to customize your ultrasonic transducers – according to your wishes and optimized for your specific measurement task.

Individualizable are for example:

  • direct mounting into your customized housing
  • optional heating for optimal operation even below freezing point
  • optional water and dirt repellent front surface sealing
  • crimp contacts on the connection leads
  • contacting with coaxial cables of any length
  • contacting with mini coaxial cables

We are also happy to optimize the electroacoustic parameters of your product according to your requirements – for example
for example with a higher echo voltage or a narrower opening angle.

Please contact us!

Together we will design your perfect transducer.

... what the next steps on the way to the series look like.

It is only a small step from samples to series production.

We would be happy to send you more samples, customize your samples, or discuss options for mounting our transducers directly into your assembly.

Our strengths:

  • comprehensive customization of ultrasonic transducers
  • customer support during the entire product development process
  • personal, individual consulting by ultrasonic experts
  • Manufacture of samples, special products and small batches
  • new and further developments for complicated applications

The possibilities are (almost) unlimited.

... what advantages working with SECO has for you

A partnership with us is profitable for you in any case.

We offer you:

  • a long-term cooperation, personal and at eye level
  • ultrasonic transducers individually tailored to your requirements
  • manufacture of your product by hand – 100% Made in Germany
  • highest quality components in cost effective design
  • stable supply chains through regional material purchasing
  • flexible, uncomplicated implementation of schedule changes
  • more than 25 years of experience in the ultrasonic universe

You have a challenging measurement task? We deliver the solution.

Individual, reliable, handmade – for your success on the world market.

Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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