Sensors in Automation

Sensors are employed in automation to verify the presence or the distance of objects and thus provide state variables for a vast range of control systems.

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Sensors for paper control

​High winding speeds and large throughput, dusty conditions and an enormous noise level make substantial demands on ultrasonic transducers.

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Sensors for medical devices

​Here, we supply manufacturers that produce devices to test pulmonary function and respiratory air analysis as well as anaesthetic equipment and respirators.

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Sensors f. wind measurement

​Anemometers must be able to provide a reliable and precise measurement of wind speed at any time of year, in any weather, anywhere.

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300 kHz ultrasonic transducers with solder pins in 5mm grid dimension

In order to make it easier for our customers to process the SECO ultrasonic transducers further, we are now offering them with solder pins.

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Functional coatings for SECO ultrasonic transducers

By using a special varnish, it is now possible to equip the acoustic adapter of the SECO ultrasonic transducers with additional characteristics.

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Just better !

To meet the customers requirements for a 300 kHz transducer for long range measurements with low geometric dimension at the same time, we present the new SC031 and SC031.F transducers.

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