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We are a leading manufacturer of ultrasound transducers and always want to improve.
At SECO this means listening carefully to our customers and implementing their requirements significantly better than they expected. We achieve this goal with a team that appreciates clear communication, that loves detail and which always sees quality as its trump card. Would you like to be a part of it?

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Because every part counts: working at SECO

The ultrasound sensors from SECO are precise measuring components that are more than the sum of their parts. And this is also how the team works which develops, manufactures and distributes our products. 

As an employee at SECO you are not an anonymous cog in a confusing company organisation, but an important part of the whole. You will find space to develop your initiative and input a lot of what you have to offer. 

Our company structure is characterised by flat, effective hierarchies; we communicate frankly, are respectful to our colleagues and enjoy working together. Moreover, we are greatly concerned with sustainability and take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. 

Why not become an important part of us! We look forward to meeting you!

You would fit in well with us if:

You want to become a part of a highly specialised team of experts in an innovation-orientated area of sensor technology

We look forward to new colleagues keen to learn something new. You need not fear routine and restricting stipulations; on the contrary, you will be given the opportunity to work autonomously and take personal responsibility for first-class results and optimum quality.

Speculativ​e Applications for the following areas are always welcome:

  • Production Technician
    You have already worked in a technically-based company. Furthermore, you have a keen eye, a steady hand, are accustomed to working autonomously and are highly aware of quality considerations.

  • Engineer (physical technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering) or natural sciences (physics)
    At SECO you can look forward to exciting tasks and promising perspectives.

  • Internship as part of an engineering or natural sciences degree course
    We guarantee: at SECO you will learn a lot because we don't see interns as coffee makers, but tomorrow's employees.

  • Career Changer interested in technology

What we do for you: 

We want satisfied and committed people to work for us. We remunerate and foster those employees who work for SECO by offering:

  • a flexible and fair flexitime system: overtime worked is compensated in time off as a quid pro quo
  • appropriate, performance-based salary and a profit sharing scheme for all employees
  • Schemes that foster a balance between family and work
  • the possibility to be largely responsible for one's own sphere of work
  • a company health management scheme


Current vacancies:

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