News 2016


New member for the board of directors at SECO

Tuesday, 4 October 2016
With effect from 1 October 2016, Mr Eugen Gergert has joined the board of directors of the SECO Sensor Consult GmbH. The board now consists of three managing directors.

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Arraysmit SECO Ultraschallwandlern (flaechenstrahler_-_ultraschallwandler.jpg)

Surface emitter for web edge control

SECO is able to arrange ultrasonic transducers into arrays to provide a large linear control range with approved technology.

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News 2015

Tom-Trans Ultraschallswandler (tom-trans-ultraschallwandler_1.jpg)

NEW: "TOM-TRANS"A novel transducer with potential
For applications in aggressive environments we have developed a new type of transducer which has a vibrating membrane similar to a bending transducer but in contrast has a piezoceramic drive which is not bonded to the membrane.

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News 2014

Der Seco-Sensor Standort Coburg (seco-standort-coburg_2.jpg)

Our company head office Coburg:The move is complete
In early 2014 we moved our workforce of 35 into a completely refurbished industrial building tailored to our technical and organisational requirements. The total surface area comes to 2000 m2.

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News 2013

Der Seco-Sensor Standort Küps (seco-standort-kueps.jpg)

New production building in Küps:Impressions of our new plant
Since 2004 SECO has been operating a manufacturing plant in Küps. It was in the spring of 2013 that we opened our striking new building with a utilisable surface area of over 900 m2. A workforce of around 15 currently works in Küps.

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