What a typical SECO workplace looks like?

08.04.2022 | Company

The daily work routine in our transducer manufactory consists of a varied mix of different manual activities. For the production of an ultrasonic transducer, a piezoceramic disk is typically bonded with our in-house fitting material. The transducer is then contacted and finally cast around in a potting compound. The contacting, as well as the recipe of the potting compound, can be flexibly customized. In addition to these main manufacturing steps, there are of course many other activities that are carried out in the creation of an ultrasonic transducer, such as the release of raw materials, various cleaning steps, labeling, packaging, and intermediate and final testing.

A large part of the daily work is done at a typical SECO workstation in one of our production teams. Each employee has his or her “regular place” where many of the manufacturing steps are performed. The basic equipment includes a soldering iron with solder, a transport trolley, an assortment of tools, scalpel, tweezers, notebook, various plates and molds as well as a tray with the machined parts. In addition to the converter manufactory, this is also where the teamwork takes place. This is the place where the best ultrasonic transducers are manufactured, but there is also always room for a little fun or a good conversation.

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